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Film Festival Showcases Student Talent

Despite a shift from the spring to the fall, there was a tremendous turn-out for the GCU Annual Film Festival. So much so that the films had to be spread over two nights- a student night and an alumni night.

The Student night showcased films accepted into the following categories: Drama, Documentary, Music Video, Comedy, Animation, Faith, and Thriller.

Alumni night showcased three short films submitted into competition by alumni as well as the premiere of feature film, "Glass Walls" by alumnus and adjunct instructor, Jeff Breuer. Following the feature, there was a short Q&A with the director and cinematographer lead by the dean of the College of Arts and Media, Dr Craig Detweiler.

In addition, the film festival was an opportunity for employers to come meet and greet the young filmmakers through the annual Film Festival Mixer. The school hosted employers from a variety of industries (education, entertainment, broadcast, etc) at this year's festival.

Although the film festival is a once a year event, the Film department is organizing a multi-week showcase for the spring so that even more talented filmmakers can be involved and celebrate their hard work with the GCU community.

To read more about the film festival, please see the GCU Today story:

Below are all films accepted into competition with the winning films indicated with an asterisk.

Drama A SONG FROM BEYOND Submitted by Paolo Martinez As the only surviving member of her family, deaf guitarist Kaya is sent deep into the forest to hide and learn the mysterious melody passed down through generations. In order to survive the mercenaries assigned to kill her, she must learn to play the tune to awaken a mythological power from another realm. *ASCENDENT Submitted by Titus Gustafson The witch hunts are at large and Innocent women's lives hang in the balance. Elizabeth Parris is questioned by the Reverend about her fits the previous night, in which Elizabeth reveals her alleged "attacker." The assailant is dealt a poor hand of justice. A BEAUTIFUL CATASTROPHE Submitted by Henry Graybeal An artist struggles to convince his sister that art has genuine meaning. Documentary *LIP SYNC BATTLE 2021 Submitted by Cale Freeland In a battle of wits, 7 teams evaluate their practices and chances of winning it all at the 2021 Lip Sync Battle. Music Video LEADER LIKE LEE Submitted by Kristian Martine

As winners of the unofficial Official AP Government Mock Election Project of 2022, the winning group of students are happy to share their winning political ad. As an homage to 90's rap, this music video is full of oversaturated colors, cheesy yet catchy rhymes, and reasons why students should vote for Andrew Lee for president! *LIFE IN ONE DAY Submitted by Paolo Martinez

When a lonely inventor dreams of skipping to the greater half of his life via time travel, he must face the consequences of wanting to spend his life in one day. MINTY FRESH- RADIOBOYZ Submitted by Cale Freeland Two friends rap about their love for mint gum!

Comedy MY ODD FRIEND SPENCER Submitted by Karla Castillo A funky brownie intensifies a simple game of UNO. *THE BLIND DATE Submitted by Meggie Cross Ryan agrees to be set up on a blind date by his friend Adam. However, after arriving at the restaurant he soon comes to realize that his date is actually blind. BEANIE BRAWLERS Submitted by Paolo Martinez Two beanie-wearing warriors enter the arena. Only one will leave. In battle of wit, will, and sheer power, only one beanie brawler will reign supreme for all time. Animation *MEET HAROLD Submitted by Paolo Martinez Finally, the long-awaited service robot, Harold, makes his overdue debut! Watch in pure wonder as he learns the joys of physics... SPIRIT OF ANIMATION Submitted by Paolo Martinez & Stephen Trull Paolo and Stephen fight the spirit of animation who for some reason lives in a house plant. Faith *ADOLESCENT Submitted by Sean Pedrick A young teenager gets pregnant and is desperately looking for a helping hand. Thriller THE LAMP Submitted by Emmons Warren Brown A college age girl has a bizarre, supernatural experience after she awakens to find her hotel room mysteriously locked. A S.A.F.E. HOME Submitted by Sean Pedrick A 50's PSA that gets highjacked by a alien unknown source. BLOODSUCKERS FROM OUTER SPACE Submitted by Zak Rogers Jacob hosts a party that gets a little too wild and attracts one unwanted guest he won't be able to get rid of. *HANGOVER Submitted by Brayden Glascock A man is trapped in a seemingly endless cycle trying to figure out where he went wrong.

Alumni *NATHAN BUSTOS | KOOSOG Submitted by Matthew Fajardo Nathan Bustos tells his story and the importance of movement. TUPPER & FUZZY COME HOME Submitted by Jessica Montalvo A brief reflection on pet trade and the harsh reality of mass-produced pets. DISCIPLE'S RUE Submitted by Anna Leigh Shaw On the night of Jesus' arrest in the garden, Peter and Judas commit essentially the same sin, betraying Christ and denying Christ, the difference between them is that Peter repented. Follow Cephas and Jude as they battle the devil's voice in their heads and seek repentance.

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