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"Hollywood How To" workshop series announced

Next week, the Boylan sisters (who will be filming their next feature film on campus in January 2022) will be hosting three workshops for GCU students. The workshops will focus on various aspects of the film industry, allowing students the opportunity to learn insider tips and tricks.

All workshops will begin promptly at 6pm so please be sure to be in your seat, ready to listen and ask questions.

On Monday December 6th, the Boylan sisters will host a workshop titled "How to Write and Sell Your Screenplay". The workshop will be in Howerton Hall 19-100.

On Tuesday December 7th, the topic will move to "How to Finance Your Project". This workshop will also be hosted in Howerton Hall 19-100.

Lastly, on Friday December 10th, the Boylan sisters will discuss "How to Produce and Distribute" as well screen their comedy hit, "Switched". This discussion and screening will take place in Building 8 Auditorium- Sunset.

These special workshops are put together specifically for GCU students. The Boylan sisters, and all those involved with the upcoming film, are excited to work with you and help you achieve your dreams. Please be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity and come learn and network.

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