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Discussion with feature film producer

Join us next Friday for a lively discussion with Feature Film Producer and GCU Honors College & CoFAP Digital Arts Professional Advisory Board Member, Mr. Shannon Gardner.

No matter what discipline or area of focus within your program of study at GCU, everyone should have fundamental understanding of visual language and marketing in order to command the art of presentation and visual communication. With the rapid evolution of software and technology, we are entering a new era of social media and marketing. Popular movies such as Tron, Avatar, Ready Player One, The Matrix and the anticipated Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, explore virtual worlds. We are not too far away from major corporations changing the way that we interact, communicate and consume information. Come participate and get a brief introduction about what is now being called THE METAVERSE.

Visual Communication Discussion | Feature Film Producer, Shannon Gardner

DATE: Friday, Nov. 12th

TIME: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

LOCATION: Engineering Bldg. 1-123 Lecture Hall

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